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On our journey, we've united thousands of happy couples and witnessed the magic of a few heartwarming marriages! Here's what a few couples had to say after finding their missing piece with us

Nathaly & Saul

Having that initial conversation at Jigsaw’s singles event helped us realize the connection was worth pursuing.


The puzzle really helped me focus on getting to know Jessica for who she is, plus the added bonus of how beautiful she is when the puzzle revealed.

David & Jessica
Found your missing piece?

We'd LOVE to hear all about it!


Share your success stories with us, and let the world know. Whether it's a whirlwind romance, a heartwarming connection, or a love that defied all odds, we want to celebrate your journey.


Your story could inspire others to take a chance on love!


You get an emotional connection and once you start revealing pieces, you get attracted even more.

Madison & Anthony

On our date, we just talked until the kitchen closed. They locked the doors and then realized we were still there.

Jenna & Max
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