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Community Guidelines

Be yourself

Jigsaw is a place where you can #revealwhatsreal in an accepting community. Where you don’t feel like you have to lie on your profile. Your age is your age, you are who you are. Allow matches to get to know the real you.

That means we don’t want imposter photos on your profile – no ripping off celebs and superheroes. Pics of you and your friends are fine, of course and always verify your profile with a selfie - that way others will know you're the real deal too.

And, of course, definitely no catfishing.

Respect everyone

You know the saying, treat others as you’d want to be treated. The same goes on Jigsaw. We’re an inclusive community and we celebrate and embrace our differences.

We won’t stand for any form of harassment, hate speech, or violence. This includes unsolicited nudity and sexual content. We’re a d*ck pic-free zone. It’s not classy, guys. 

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and we expect you will too. 

If you have an experience with someone on Jigsaw that feels wrong and raises a red flag, let us know.

If someone has committed a criminal act, do what you’d do offline and report it to law enforcement.

Protect your personal information

Stay safe from scammers and thieves. Don’t put phone numbers, email or home addresses or bank/credit card info on your profile - or anything else you wouldn’t want broadcast publicly. 


If you decide to move your chat off Jigsaw, only do so when you feel comfortable with the person you’re getting to know.

Keep kids out of the picture

You must be over 18 to use Jigsaw. If you see a profile with photos of anyone who appears to be a minor please report it.


We believe it’s best to keep children out of your pictures too, as their faces will be shown and yours won’t (because of the jigsaw puzzle overlay). Share pics of the little darlings with your matches later on! 

We're not Jigsaw marketplace - or an escort service

Please don’t use Jigsaw for selling stuff. There are plenty of apps for this, we aren’t one of them. 


Beware anyone attempting to lure you into paying for a ‘date’. This is banned on Jigsaw. Tell us and we’ll fix it. See How to report a user below

Show your best side

Photos are a bit different on Jigsaw as we cover your face with a jigsaw puzzle. This is done by facial recognition software, so it’s kinda important we can see your face. If your photo doesn’t include your face, it will be rejected.

Not OK in photos and likely to be rejected:

  • Illicit substances 

  • Children

  • Nudity, overly-sexual images

  • Violence or graphic images

  • Text overlay (a photo should be a photo - save the writing for the rest of your profile)

  • A photo of someone who’s not actually you…

Meeting offline?

When it’s time for the really exciting part (meeting in real life!!) make sure you hold them to the same standard as on Jigsaw. The first time you meet, we suggest it’s in a public place and you tell a friend your plans. Always put yourself first, if you ever feel uncomfortable on a date, you can politely leave whenever.

How to report a user

In the top left-hand corner of a profile, next to their name, there are three dots - click here and tap Report. 

You can report mid-chat by clicking the three dots on the right side of the chat screen. 

Sliding a Chat to the left on the Match screen also shows the options to Report or Block.

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